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About Apollo Solar Cleaning

When a solar installer and roofer met on a roof, Apollo Solar Cleaning was born.

Established in 2012.
During the beginning of the solar boom, a solar installer and a roofer got together on a roof in Southern California to take in the marvel of their work. A neighborhood in development was close to completion, and both the roofer and installer had done most of the work on those roofs throughout the development. One installed all of the solar and the other installed the tile and completed the roof. Noticing all of the construction dust and grime beginning to accumulate on the brand new solar panels, these two men couldn't resist the feeling of cleaning them. Bringing the idea to have the panels cleaned before turning over the brand new home the the owners was overlooked and deemed unnecessary at the time. With the idea of dirty panels burning in their heads, it was at that moment that Apollo Solar Cleaning was born.


We specialize in premium and custom tailored solar services to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential | Industrial | Commercial
We perform a complete wash of your entire solar array, removing all dirt and grime that prevent your panels from capturing maximum production throughout the day. Our cleaning includes: - A full wash of the entire system.- Microfiber soft-scrub to removes excess grime.- Natural water rinse.- Complete hand dry to leave a shiny finish.- We DO NOT hose down and air dry.

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Pest Abatement & Bird Deterrent

Don't let birds nest or other pests get underneath your solar panels. Apollo offers an affordable and unique solution that secures your solar panels from pest entry. We offer custom installations of hard-wire mesh around the entire perimeter of your solar panel system. Each project is custom-cut the mesh to your specific tile-type, height of your panels, and all of your mounting hardware. Regardless of your solar providers' mounting hardware or methods, they are fully adjusted and installed to be a custom fit to your specific solar panel system. Our quality is guaranteed!
Apollo uses ONLY high quality materials that are designed to last the duration of your solar PV system with PVC coated wire mesh that has been tested in gauge and coating for durability. No fabric or plastic materials are used as we aim to provide a long-lasting, pest prevention solution.
No drilling, glue, or adhesive is used to attach the mesh to your PV system. We have custom-made, irreversible clips that are used to attach our material to each of your panels. Keep in mind that our mesh is completely removable, if needed, to allow your service provider to perform maintenance. Our installation techs can easily re-install the mesh after any of your maintenance appointments.

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Solar Inspections

Ensuring a precise installation, performing to its highest capabilities, and to safely and seamlessly work with all of the other components in your home makes having completed a full Solar Inspection a very crucial and integral part of having a new solar panel system for your home or business.
Whatever the job may be, Apollo will always guarantee that our extensive solar inspections are performed exceeding industry standards. By doing this, you can have peace of mind in knowing that we put your home and business as our number one priority when a solar panel system is installed.


With the numerous added benefits of installing solar panels, many business are now following the growing trend and converting to solar energy. The incentives and annual savings alone justify having solar energy power their businesses. For Apollo Solar Cleaning, have businesses with solar panel systems on such high roofs, it is not a problem for our technicians to get to at all. We have a system designed to carry out roof-top cleanings with experienced ex-roofers, turned pro solar cleaners.



Our washing is efficient and fully tailored to your site. Our experienced team uses a variety of tools to carefully and efficiently clean acres of PV panels. Whether it's hundreds or thousands of PV panels, we are fully equipped to provide exceptional service and peace of mind. With many years of experience and knowledge, no job is too big for our commercial cleaning services.
Contact us today to learn how we can provide dependable and cost-effective solar panel washing solutions for your large-scale solar farm.


"Beyond 5 star rating for this company!!! They are communicative and very friendly. We've been having issues with pests nesting under our solar panels for a few years. Waking up to droppings all over our backyard every single day. It was quite annoying and not fun for our dogs and toddler. So thank you to Luie L. and team for your help and for the beautiful net work on our panels!!! I will recommend you guys to anyone who needs Solar cleaning and pest abatement. Thank you!"

The LeFore's

"I used Apollo to clean 36 solar panels which haven't been cleaned in 9 years (originally installed in 2010). The cleaners worked efficiently and left the house with the panels looking as clean as when they were installed. I've compared a 5-day average total output (23.32 KWh) before cleaning with 1-day total output (27.81 KWh) and found almost a 20% increase. I'm very pleased and would definitely recommend Apollo."

David B.